If you are looking for a family of faith with whom you can worship God, study Scripture, laugh and have fun, ask your questions, and serve God and the world, then we want you to know that you are welcome at First Presbyterian Church.  We are most interested in helping people grow in their Christian Discipleship.  Being a member is not required for you to participate in the activities of our congregation.  But, once you know the authentic love and support of this church family, and have decided to make First Presbyteian your faith home, then there are three ways to become a member:


If you have never publically professed Jesus Christ as God’s Son and your Lord and Savior or been baptized into the Christian faith, then we welcome you to make your profession of faith here.  If you have been baptized in any other Christian Church then you do not need to be re-baptized to join First Presbyterian (see Re-Affirmation and Transfer of Membership).  Before being baptized, you will be given the opportunity to meet with one of the pastors to talk about the meaning of becoming a Disciple of Jesus Christ and the process of Baptism.

Re-Affirmation of Faith

If you were baptized into any Christian community, but have not been an active part of any congregation for some time, you may wish to join First Presbyterian Church by re-affirming your faith in Jesus Christ as God’s Son and your Lord and Savior.  After conversations with one of the pastors, you will be given the opportunity to re-affirm your faith by answering three simple questions before a small group of the Ruling Elders of our congregation.  There is no test and no requirements for knowledge!  There is only an opportunity to say that you believe in Jesus Christ and that you want to learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, want to be a member of First Presbyterian, and want to become involved and supportive of First Presbyterians’s Community.

Transfer of Membership

If you have recently been active in another Christian Congregation, but now wish to have First Presbyterian be your primary faith home, then you may do so by requesting to move your membership to First Presbyterians.  You can do this by contacting one of the pastors, or by indicating your wish to join on the Friendship Registers that are passed among the worshippers every Sunday morning. 

If you are not yet certain that you want to become a member of First Presbyterian, or would like to talk more about what it means to profess faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, then know that we welcome your presence among us!  At any time, feel free to contact one of the pastors to talk through any questions and discuss the simple process of becoming a member of First Presbyterian Presbyterian Church.